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Spin Clean Record Washer Announces New Web Site Launch

( August 1, 2010 —
Spin Clean Record Washer Announces New Web Site Launch.

Anyone who has used the conventional brush type record cleaner knows how awkward they are to use and that they have limited ability. The Spin-Clean® record washing system enables you to clean both sides of your record at once without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device. With the Spin-Clean® record washing system, you’ll add years to all of your equipment including turntables, stylus (needle) and of course your record collection. The Spin-Clean Record Washing System is a unique approach to wet cleaning records.
Spin-Clean® Record Washing System’s secret weapon is it’s special washer fluid. This formula encapsulates the dirt and keeps it suspended in the system instead of evaporating or redepositing it back on to your valuable record. Only Spin-Clean® record washing system uses this secret formula.

With Spin-Clean® record washing system, it’s easy as one, two, three, fill it – spin it – dry it. You never have to adjust the brushes (they’re pre-set at the right pressure). After three turns in the Spin-Clean® record washing system, the dirt and the fingerprints are gone on both sides of the record along with the static. You not only see the Spin-Clean® record washing system work, you can hear the difference in sound.
Most remarkably though, is the sound when playing the cleaned records. Spin Clean removes fingerprints, grease, smoke, film and dirt from any size record:, 45s, LPs & 78s. it also removes the static from your record as it is cleaned.
Spin clean has been around helping improve the sound of records since 1975.

You can visit the new Spin Clean website at and check out their new product line.

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