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Vinyl Fever closed its doors

With more vinyl collectors and less places selling vinyl records it is getting harder to find rare albums. So many record shops are going out of business, due to the ease and availability of mp3 files. With all this and a poor economy that has sucked the life out of a nationally known local record store. After 30 years Vinyl Fever closed its doors. Known for its knowledgeable staff and extensive, eclectic selection of new and used CDs, vinyl records and related merchandise, Vinyl Fever has drawn customers from across the state and beyond. Vinyl Fever went out with a bang. Owner Lee Wolfson spun his favorite rare records and several bands performed live. Even though it was announced several months ago, customers were still shocked and saddened by the store’s closing. Everything in the store was up for sale; including the famous instruments and posters that had “Not for Sale” signs on them for year’s .A bad economy and a changing industry are some of the reasons why Vinyl Fever closed its doors. Vinyl has become big over the past half decade, and if not for that revival perhaps Vinyl Fever would have bitten the dust earlier.

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