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Reasons To Buy Spin Clean Record Washer System

Anyone who has used the conventional brush type record cleaner knows how awkward they are to use and that they have limited ability. The Spin-Clean® record washing system enables you to clean both sides of your record at once without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device. With the Spin-Clean® record washing system, you’ll add years to all of your equipment including turntables, stylus (needle) and of course your record collection.

  • SPIN-CLEAN is the only record washing system on the market that is a “bath type” complete record cleaning system.
  • SPIN-CLEAN is the ultimate in record care, easy to use. Just spin the record two or three times in the SPIN CLEAN record washing system, remove and wipe dry with the special lint-free cloth. Presto, it’s clean.
  • SPIN-CLEAN removes the static from your record as it is cleaned.
  • SPIN-CLEAN removes fingerprints, grease, smoke, film and dirt from any size record: 45s, LPs & 78s.
  • SPIN-CLEAN is the only record washing system that has a special washer fluid that encapsulates the dirt and keeps the dirt suspended in the system instead of re-depositing it back onto the record.
  • SPIN-CLEAN record washing system comes with enough washer fluid to clean over 700 records (SPIN CLEAN comes with enough washer fluid to fill the system 14 times. Each filling will clean up to 50 records just add 3 capfuls to water and go.)
  • SPIN-CLEAN is the most economical way to clean any record, less than a penny a record.
  • SPIN-CLEAN contains no alkalines, soap solutions or phosphates and is biodegradable.
  • SPIN-CLEAN is safe to use, easy on your hands, and it works with hard or soft water and warm or cold water.
  • SPIN-CLEAN does not leave any solutions on your record to evaporate and leave behind dirt deposits (you remove all the fluid when you dry the record).
  • SPIN-CLEAN extends the life of your records by removing dirt, thus reducing needle wear and keeping your records “like new” improving their sound.
  • SPIN-CLEAN was tested by a private laboratory and the results were remarkable. After SPIN CLEAN had been used output sensitivity was substantially increased and channel separation was improved. Also, amplified record noise was reduced. (An STR 100 test record was used. Test report furnished on request).
  • SPIN-CLEAN has dual velvet brushes that gently and effectively remove dirt particles. No other system cleans both sides of the record at the same time.
  • SPIN-CLEAN uses no electric or other costly power source. For a few minutes of your time and very little money, SPIN CLEAN will work for you. It’s a sound investment to protect your investment in sound. No record collector can afford not to have the SPIN CLEAN record washing system. It makes a perfect gift everytime.

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SPIN-CLEAN® RECORD WASHER SYSTEM MKII Announces “New Spin” on Tried and True Vinyl Record Cleaning System


Mark Mawhinney, Owner
Spin Clean

SPIN-CLEAN® RECORD WASHER SYSTEM MKII Announces “New Spin” on Tried and True Vinyl Record Cleaning System

<Pittsburgh>, <Pennsylvania>, <June 1, 2010> – The SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer System has been in production in the U.S. since 1975 recently receiving rave reviews in: Stereophile Magazine, The Absolute Sound and

  1. “…Meet my new best friend, Spin-Clean…Sublimely easy, there’s nothing to plug in…Does it work? Does it ever.” – Neil Gader, and, January 29, 2010
  2. “…it’s cheap and it really, really works…I cleaned some dirty, fingerprint-encrusted records, and when I removed them from the vat, all dirt and fingerprints were gone…not everyone wants to spend hundreds of bucks on a vacuum machine, and the Spin Clean got the job done.” – Michael Fremer, Stereophile, February 2010
  3. “…To me, the most important part of the system is the Spin-Clean Washer fluid, which has already become my favorite solution for cleaning vinyl…The unit is bright yellow for a reason: it allows one to see the amount of crud that has been removed from the grooves, as the dirt will rest at the bottom of the Spin-Clean unit…The Spin-Clean system works exactly as advertised. There was no denying it…the Spin-Clean Record Washer system is the best $60 one can spend to care for their LPs and enrich their listening environment…an insane value. It gets my heartiest recommendation.” – Nels Ferre, Enjoy the, January 2010

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“. . .If you build it, they will come”. . .

The resurgence of vinyl and re-birth of SPIN-CLEAN®  popularity recently mandated a change in manufacturing and production facilities to a hi-tech injection mold factory just outside of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania over the last few months.   The molds were refinished, the rollers re-designed, and improvements have been made in every aspect of the SPIN-CLEAN® RECORD WASHER MKII.

  1. New improved UV grade resin for a more rigid and fade resistant washer basin.
  2. Re-designed rollers for a smoother and quieter “ride”.
  3. New foam and brush material improving the deep cleaning of the records.
  4. Improved formula of the washer fluid further enhancing the cleaning process.
  5. New graphics improving the general aesthetics of the unit.

The Secret Weapon

SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer System MKII has always had a secret weapon – the special washer fluid.   The formula encapsulates the dirt and forces it to the bottom of the basin, preventing it from being redeposited back on to the record.  Only SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer System MKII uses this proprietary formula.

SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer MKII is available in two configurations:

Standard unit at $79.99 U.S. retail comes complete with:

  • 1 – SPIN-CLEAN® MKII basin and lid
  • 1 – pr.  Rollers
  • 1 – pr.  Brushes
  • 2 – ea.  Re-usable drying cloths
  • 1 – ea. 4 oz. washer fluid (cleans up to 800 records)
  • 1 – ea. Owners Manual

Package Deal at $124.99 U.S. retail comes complete with:

  • 1 – SPIN-CLEAN® MKII basin and lid
  • 1 – pr.  Rollers
  • 2 – pr.  Brushes
  • 7 – ea.  Re-usable drying cloths
  • 1 – ea.  4 oz. washer fluid (cleans up to 800 records)
  • 1 – ea. 32 oz. washer fluid (cleans up to 6400 records)
  • 1 – ea. Owners Manual

Made in Pittsburgh

The SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer has been proudly manufactured and hand-assembled in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania for   35 years – “made with pride in the USA”.  Once SPIN-CLEAN® Record Washer System MKII is used, record care will never be the same.  Visit:

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