It may be surprising to some; but believe it or not cd sales are declining, while vinyl records are seeing a revival. In 2009 Nielsen Soundscan found that record sales had increased by 35% throughout the previous year. During the same time period, cd sales dropped by 20%. The recent success of vinyl records can be blamed in part on the fact that there are no anti-piracy restrictions on records as there are with their digital counterparts.  A major reason for the resurgence in record sales is that a lot of consumers believe that records simply sound better than cd’s. Audiophiles, collectors, and DJ’s still swear by records, Obviously Cd’s sound cannot be manipulated manually as with records. DJ techniques such as slip-cueing, beatmatching, and scratching originated on turntables. With CDs or compact audio cassettes one usually has only indirect manipulation options, for example, the play, stop, and pause buttons. With a record one can place the stylus a few grooves farther in or out, accelerate or decelerate the turntable, or even reverse its direction, provided the stylus, record player, and record itself are built to withstand it.

Diehard fans of music and a lot of artists often feel that the vinyl version is the only true version of a release. There are many factors that contribute to this commonly held belief; the scope and presence of the art, the superior sound quality, and most certainly the actual work and involvement that the listener has to put in in order to play the music. Vinyl is the choice format for people that really love and care about actually listening to music. So as CD sales decline and vinyl record sales grow, people are beginning to see that vinyl is coming back with a vengeance. With so many consumers buying vinyl records again, and the amount of people that are downloading all of their music online, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see CD’s off the shelves entirely within the next decade.


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