Did you ever think that vinyl records would still be around?  Most consumers didn’t think so, especially when CD’s made their appearance.    The thought was that CD’s would wipe vinyl records out, but vinyl records kept on playing.   

Another big surprise is the number of people between the ages of  20 and 35 that like vinyl records now.  While it’s easy to download songs these days, the sound that comes from a vinyl record can’t compare.  

Vinyl records can last a long time but they need to be taken care of properly so that the wonderful sound keeps filling the room.  

Cleaning vinyl records with the Spin Clean record washer
makes it as easy as one, two, three.  You just fill it, spin it, and dry it.  It enables you to clean both sides of your record at once without using your valuable turntable as the cleaning device.  With the Spin Clean record washer system, you’ll add years to all of your equipment including turntables, stylus (needle) and of course your record collection.  The secret weapon is its special washer fluid.

Why Go To All That Trouble?

We spend so much time taking care of our vinyl records, cleaning them, sorting and cataloging. But truth be told, the reward is the superb sound of the music we get from a well taken care of vinyl record!

Spin Clean Record Washer was Just Named

“The Top 10 Great Audiophile Gifts for 2010” enjoythemusic.com

“One of The Best Products of 2010” in December’s issue of Stereophile Magazine

“Accessory Of The Year” By The Absolute Sound



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