Vinyl roundup

by brandon on January 15, 2011

a box of goodies - over 90 of them

“Through birthday-ing, hunting, inheriting, Christmas gift card-ing, and borrowing, I’ve amassed a pretty big stash of records in the brief few months since I went analog and got all the components together for my home stereo.  The bulk of these records, obviously, had been in storage or otherwise unused for the better part of two decades at least.  As a result, many of them were in need of a thorough cleaning.  That’s where another Christmas present comes in:

this thing works magic with dirty records (click it!)

It took the better part of six hours spread over three days to do it, but I finally got the entire box washed, cased, and shelved neatly.  I set up a sort of assembly line – box of records on my right, coffee table with record washer in the middle, and empty box on my left.  The Spin-Clean itself is super-easy to use and really sucks the dirt off those records – I had to empty the basin halfway through cleaning because there was so much dirt in the bottom of it – and I had a bag of polypropylene record sleeves handy to case those records up once I’d dried them thoroughly.

i'll give you a dollar if you can tell me the name of the second album from the right

Finally, I found a couple of open shelves in my TV cabinet and put records I’ve purchased and have on loan (dominated by albums from the 90s) on the top shelf arranged chronologically by release date, and ones that my dad gave me (dominated by albums from the 70s) on the bottom shelf arranged alphabetically by artist.

the box for the spin-clean did a nice job of filling the extra space

I took a photo of each record after I’d cleaned it so I could catalog it and figure out exactly what all I had on hand.  There’s a little bit of everything – from Dan Fogelberg, Kansas and Weather Report to Sunny Day Real Estate, Don Caballero and Converge.  I hope to listen though all of them at some point, though given how little time I spend in my apartment during the semester, it might be a while.  It’s just nice to have them all clean, organized and accessible.  I even watched a few new movies while cleaning vinyl, but that’s the subject of another post.”

Do you have a vinyl record collection?  A Spin Clean Record Washer can take care of all your cleaning needs for your vinyl records.  It’s secret weapon is its special washer fluid.  This special formula encapsulates the dirt that comes off the record and sinks it to the bottom of the washer basin so it is not re-deposited back on to your valuable records. Watch the Spin Clean Record Washer video in action!


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