There are a number of places you can find old vinyl records for sale.  You would be surprised how easy it can be to find them, sometimes they can be right down the street in your own neighborhood.  Some places charge astronomical prices, and some you can find very cheap.

A good place to look for vinyl records for sale can be at garage sales.   Quite often when people are having garage sales, they just want to get rid of stuff that is cluttering up their house without realizing some of these items can be of value.  That can be the case with vinyl records or albums.  They clean out their closets, attics and basements to free up some space, and many think vinyl records or albums are worthless, just taking up space only to sell them at a cheap price to get rid of them.  Depending on the record, that can be an expensive mistake for the seller but a found treasure for a collector.

Another good place to look is at an estate sale.  That’s another opportunity for collectors to find some valuable records for sale.  Lots of times, family members have spent a lot of time cleaning out a house and are looking to just get rid of things so they can put the house on the market.  That’s another example of a possible expensive mistake for the seller but a found treasure for a collector.

Some music stores that resell older music can be another place to find vinyl records.  These stores can be hard to find though and you will most likely pay a higher price.

If you’re looking for a specific record that you haven’t been able to find you can always go online.  There are the auction sites like Ebay and Yahoo Auctions that may have what you’re looking for.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, there are other places online you can purchase records from like

If you have a collection of vinyl records, you really should clean them frequently so you can keep hearing the songs as well as they should sound.  A Spin Clean Record Washer does a great job at cleaning your vinyl records and albums.  It’s very easy to use, you can watch a video demo of it in action to see how easy it is.  Visit for more information.


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