Here are a few suggestions to help preserve the value of your vinyl records:

  • store in a vertical standing position on a strong shelf
  • Don’t stack them horizontally, the weight can damage the discs and the covers
  • Don’t let them lean as it will cause warping, be sure to pack them close together
  • store in a moisture free area
  • store in an area they will not be exposed to heat
  • Don’t let your vinyl records be exposed to sunlight, this can cause warping
  • Don’t expose your vinyl records to cigarette smoke, this too can cause warping
  • handle your records by only touching the edge or center where the record label is
  • Avoid touching the grooves

If collecting for the potential value of the records, the covers will also need to be in good condition. Keep your album covers in a plastic sleeve. If there is damage on the cover sometimes it can be repaired. It it is a glossy cover, you may be able to wipe off the stains. Covers that have matte finishes usually can not be salvaged. Be sure to save all of the inserts that may have come in the original album. You never know, you could be sitting on a fortune! There are collectors who frame their rare album covers as wall art.

Records that are maintained properly should need little cleaning. Records you have just purchased may also need cleaning, if the previous owner did not care for them properly. If your records have not been played for a long time, or have been subject to mold or mildew, you may need to clean them as well. The Spin Clean Record Washer System can handle all of your vinyl record cleaning needs. You can watch a demo of it in action.


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