1. Freewheelin’

  • Released by American Bob Dylan in the spring of 1963 by Columbia Records. Eleven of the thirteen songs on this particular album are his original compositions.

2. Bringing It All Back Home is Bob Dylan’s fifth album.

  • It was released in the spring of 1965 by Columbia Records. It was the first of Dylan’s long-playing albums to make the US Top 10 List! It even topped the UK charts that same year.time!

3. Highway 61 Revisited

  • Highway 61 Revisited is Dylan’s sixth album. It was released in the summer of 1965 by Columbia Records. He stated he wouldn’t be able to make a record better than this particular one.

4. Blonde on Blonde

  • This was an album that was thought of as being the first double album in rock music. It ended up being 2 LPs which was because of its length. Unfortunately, right after that, Dylan was involved in a motorcycle accident. Blonde on Blonde ended up ranking as the 9th Greatest Album of All Time in VH1 as well as in Rolling Stone Magazine!

5. John Wesley Harding

  • This was Bob Dylan’s eighth album. It was released by Columbia Records in the winter of 1967. In the year 2003, The Rolling Stone Magazine ranked this song in the 301st place on the list of the 500 greatest albums of all time!Should you come across a vinyl record album in mint condition, learn about its worth as soon as possible.


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