This is a remarkable cleaner. Following cleaning, there is neither residue nor static. Some albums that had been cleaned previously, including some with the most highly regarded cleaning machine available, became even more quiet. I can’t say this will do as great a job on really dirty records as does Disc Doctor. I can say records first cleaned with Disc Doctor will benefit from a Spin-Clean bath. Some hints, first, get a bunch of extra clothes. Second, according to the owner of the company, the clothes are reusable by a simple machine washing without any fabric softener. Third, use a cloth underneath the album while drying the top side. This cleaning system rendered my Japanese pressing of Eno’s “Before And After Science” nearly dead quiet. That’s quite an achievement given the subdued nature to the second side of this album. ~ Online Review By James N. Perlman


For more information on Spin Clean Record Washer visit


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