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Record Cleaning Machine Question:  


“So the question is just how good is the ~$80 Spin Clean thing? I understand that you get what you pay for, and a “real” RCM for a few hundred bucks is much better. Understood…. but how much better is a $80 machine than a Discwasher brush and Groovy Cleaner fluid?”  ~ Impedance (forum post)    


“Much better. If anything, you’re relieving your turntable of the Discwasher hand-spin process.  All reviews of the Spin Clean have been positive. I ordered one last night actually. ~ Stencil (forum post)   Used the Spin Clean for years. Worth every penny. Even when I started steam cleaning, I used the Spin Clean with it for those deep seated problems….”  ~ cfranz (forum post)  


“Do a search here for extensive threads on the Spin-Clean. Yes, it is a top shelf product. ~ beatcomber” (forum post)  


“Just used mine and now listening to a nice clean copy of The Blasters. Love the spin clean…” ~ Amcrebelfan (forum post)  


“I’m a recovering Discwasher user and if only I had known just how ineffective it was, I may never have gotten out of vinyl way back when. The Spin Clean is the best deal I have seen for record cleaning. I have a VPI 16.5 and it’s obviously a few steps up but you can’t go wrong with the Spin Clean.” ~Kmulkey (forum post)  


“I love the spin clean. The spin clean claims that you can wash up to 50 records with one basin full of water. I change the water and clean the brushes after about 10 to 15 records to keep things fresh and so that I’m not cleaning records in dirty water. Maybe I’m being unnecessarily careful but once they are cleaned I won’t have to do it for several years, most likely. Hmm I just had an idea though inspired by your comment about a final rinse with distilled water. You could have 2 spin cleans One for washing and one for a final clean rinse. Or to go even cheaper I suppose just a basin with distilled water for rinsing”. ~ guitarman50 (forum post)  


“Yep, I saw the video and the dirty water…Remembering that you get what you pay for and an $80 machine will not have the same functionality as a $500 machine, I came to the same conclusion as guitarman50 and figured I would just wash fewer records before changing the water, and/or spill out the dirty water, rinse the brushes and go over the records a second time if necessary with clean water. Either way, after the help from this thread and my other research, it looks like I’ll be ordering one of these soon.” ~ Impedance (forum post)  


“I’ve cleaned over 500 albums so far on my Spin-Clean and still loving it. Lots of threads on this.”  ~ ssmith3046 (forum post)


For more information on the Spin Clean Record Washer visit


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