Whether you have a vinyl record collection and just enjoy listening to them or you’re a DJ, good sound starts with a clean vinyl record.  You may have considered transferring and restoring your vinyl record collection to CD by using your computer and some audio recording editing software in an effort to digitally preserve your priceless records.  Before you do, remember that in order to extract the best sound from your discs it’s important to start with scrupulously clean records and equipment such s your stylus.

Vinyl records that are kept clean and free of oils from one’s fingers, dust and dirt will sound much clearer and more importantly last longer.  Something to think about before you do that is clean records have less clicks, crackle and pop.  When it comes to the restoration phase you’ll have less work and attain much better results.

SPIN-CLEAN is the ultimate in record care, easy to use. Just spin the record two or three times in the SPIN CLEAN record washing system, remove and wipe dry with the special lint-free cloth. Presto, it’s clean.  To learn more visit www.spincleanrecordwasher.com.


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